Spring Cycle Tease

Taking a break at Cherry Beach
Spring is here (or it was for a weekend?)! Combine a sunny day with double digit degree weather and you have the makings for a fantastic cycling adventure. I am one of the many folk in the city that puts the bike away as soon as summer is over and don’t take it out again until Spring has arrived. Typically I would go on a small adventure my first time back in action – but no – not this Spring. I decided to go full out and take on the Leslie Spit (otherwise known as Tommy Thompson Park – Toronto’s Urban Wilderness). I don’t think my butt and legs have forgiven me yet for such a big adventure so early in the season.

Enjoying the sun as I cycle through Tommy Thompson Park
For those of you not familiar with the Spit (yes, we are close friends and I feel I can remove ‘Leslie’ from the name when I talk about it), it is more or less a man-made peninsula that juts out into Lake Ontario just east of downtown Toronto. Development of the Spit began over 40 years ago and continues to this day. The park is actually only open to the public on weekends and holidays as that is the only time dump trucks aren’t visiting the land to bring more fill.

Enjoying the fantastic views at Tommy Thompson Park

What I love most about this park is that it has actually become an extraordinary wildlife reserve for many animals, plants and insects. Not too shabby for something that was man-made out of concrete, earth fill and sand. The views from the Spit are also incredible. Because the park extends out into Lake Ontario, you definitely get a unique perspective on the city.

Big smiles as we cycle through the Spit
No trip to the Spit would be complete without cycling up to the lighthouse. I have no idea if this is a functioning lighthouse, but I kind of like that it is there (even if just for decoration). I feel that I have conquered the Spit if I make it up to the lighthouse. However, I am not daring enough to cycle up or down the pebbly path that takes you there – so I just casually walk my bike up without any shame (as I watch 6 year old children make it up and down without any problems. Yeah, I am kind of a wimp).

I conquered the lighthouse
After my trip to Tommy Thompson Park I am definitely ready for Spring to finally arrive. I am hoping that any day now the double digit degree weather and sun will return so I can go on more bike adventures in the city. Plus, my bike is too pretty to be kept indoors any longer!


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