Visitations at the Drake

UPFRONT DISCLOSURE: I am not a very active theatre-goer in the city (Wow, that felt really good to get that off my chest). Seriously, I may check out 1 theatrical performance per year. BUT when I heard about Visitations a couple of weeks ago, I knew this was something that I just had to see (check out the interactive trailer and you will see why I was so intrigued). Now unfortunately this post is going to have limited pictures (mainly because we were told that any photography would interfere with the paranormal activity we were about to experience), but I still think it is worth blogging about as it was a very unique experience I had in the city.

So I’m sure you are wondering (especially after I made a comment about paranormal activity), what on earth is Visitations? The best way for me to describe it would be an interactive, supernatural, theatrical experience (wow, that sounds like a mouthful I know!). It definitely isn’t your every day theatrical production where you sit in your chair and watch the actors do their thing (in fact you aren’t even at a theatre. Visitations takes place at the Drake Hotel and various locations surrounding it). You are very much a part of the adventure right from the moment you arrive.

As soon as we arrived at the Drake, we were promptly greeted and given an envelope with our name on it. We were told that we each had a unique tarot card inside and we were to call the number on the envelope. After we called the number (and got further instructions), we entered the dining room where we got to meet some interesting characters as well as the other 22 participants on this journey. We also noticed that we were starting to get phone calls from a mysterious phone number as well as some pretty cryptic text messages. Plus I was left a pretty creepy hand written napkin and didn’t even notice who left it for me. These actors are sneaky I tell ya!

After all the participants arrived, we were shown a presentation that introduced us to Lucy, her grandfather and the Sabbaticus (an ancient artifact Lucy found in her parents’ attic). We were then divided into 3 groups where we needed to solve clues to learn more about the Sabbaticus and help Lucy on her journey. Each group was given a different mission and a very different leader to follow. Our group ended up at the Beaconsfield, a random alley way, back at the Drake, and at Lucy’s very creepy apartment next door (where there was a very powerful fog machine and lots of black lights).

I don’t want to give away too much as you can still check out performances next week (I believe Tuesday is sold out, but tickets may still be available for the Monday night). I probably wouldn’t recommend this experience to everyone. You have to be a pretty adventurous theatre goer and can just go with the flow as not everything always makes sense. Your guides on the journey are super enthusiastic and into their characters – but really what you get out of the experience is based on how much you are willing to participate. Asking questions and discussing clues with other members of your group really makes this experience fun and unique (and literally ‘one-of-a-kind’). You never knew what was going to happen next and were a little confused by the end of it. Great fun for a Sunday night though!


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