Cupcakes and Pumpkins


Pumpkin Parade Sorauren Park

I am pretty sure I have indicated in a previous post that I absolutely love Halloween. There are really two reasons why I love it. The first is I love having an excuse to wear a costume. The second is that Halloween parties typically fall around my birthday, so it is great to be able to convince (or guilt) all of your friends to get into the spirit and dress up with you.

I am always impressed by the people that think of their costumes well in advance. As much as I love costumes, I am not that much of a planner and I typically wait until the week before to figure out what I am going to be. I also love to make all of my costumes from scratch and take much pride in doing so. Previously I have been She-Ra, a Paper Doll, and this year, a cupcake! Here are some picture instructions I made to help anyone wanting to make a cupcake costume (y’know, if you are curious!).

This year I was not alone in my crafty Halloween ways, but actually had an entire posse of cupcakes with me – pretty scary I know! But seriously, all of us on the dance floor at Lee’s Palace was quite the scene. We kind of went against Halloween norms of wearing something skimpy and tight, and went all out and well, BIG! It was actually nice not having anyone in your personal space at a bar as you kind of had this protective barrier around you. Anyway, I think the pics will speak for themselves as to how cute we all looked that night!


So have you ever wondered what you can do with your beautifully carved pumpkin after Halloween? Especially if you have taken lots of time to make a really intricate design and still want to show it off? Well look no further – you can bring your pumpkin to a Pumpkin Parade! Many parks across the city are now hosting pumpkin parades the day after Halloween (November 1st if you needed me to be more specific). It is pretty much a way for people in the community to showcase their wonderful works of art with hundreds of others in a little exhibition of sorts. It is quite the spectacle to see almost 2,000 pumpkins lit up in a dark park. People also create the most amazing designs. I think the big highlight this year was the Rob Ford in prison pumpkin. It definitely drew in quite the crowd. Check out my pics below for some of the highlights!

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