How to Make a Cupcake Costume

Cupcake CostumeThis year for Halloween, I scoured the internet to find a cute, but easy-to-make costume. While looking through a magazine, I came across an image of a child wearing a cupcake costume where a lamp shade was turned upside down to be used as the base, and sheets were used for the filling. Realizing that I probably couldn’t find a large enough lamp shade to serve as my cup, I went online to see if I could find adult versions of the same design. I found lots of great images of the costumes, but not the greatest instructions. If you are contemplating making this costume for yourself, here is what we did:


1) A plastic laundry hamper or bucket
2) 3 pieces of bristol board
3) Tulle netting or thin curtains (we found curtains to be cheaper than the tulle at Walmart)
4) Polyfil
5) Pom Poms
6) Duct Tape
7) Hot Glue Gun
8) Elastic Strips

Cut off the base of your plastic laundry hamper or bucket. We located ours at Bed Bath and Beyond as well as Canadian Tire. Make sure it is big enough to step inside and pull up to your waist.

Accordion fold all three pieces of bristol board.

Attach the seams on two of the pieces of bristol board using a hot glue gun (it will make it easier to attach to the hamper).

Hot glue the bristol board onto the laundry hamper. We found it was easy to do this if you created a lip or flattened piece of bristol board to glue onto the hamper.

Reinforce the bristol board onto the laundry hamper using duct tape. While hot glue is great, it does have some difficulty sticking to plastic. To ensure we wouldn’t have any halloween costume mishaps on our hands, we applied duct tape to the inside of the basket.

Duct tape the tulle or curtains onto the inside of the bristol board (not to the inside of the hamper). Fold over on the seam and tape that end inside the bristol board as well so that it becomes a tube like shape. Do not tape all around at once. Tape in thirds.

After you have taped your first portion of the tulle/curtain, start filling with the polyfil. Make sure you fluff it up inside to get it nice and big. Continue to work your way around the base, taping the tulle inside as you go.

Sew the ends of the tulle/curtains together after you are happy with the stuffing. It doesn’t need to be neat or pretty so don’t stress over this if you can’t sew.

Decorate your cupcake with pom poms or any materials that you can glue on.

Take your elastic bands and tie them into the laundry hamper to make suspenders. We just literally tied a knot at the length that worked for us. Because our laundry hampers had handles as well as holes, it was very easy to affix the elastics inside.

And VOILA! You have a creative, unique, and cute halloween costume in 10 easy steps. Words of wisdom – have a friend help you with the hot glue gun. We had a couple of casualties throughout the night as we were all working independently. If you want to know how well-made these costumes are, we all wore them to a crowded bar on Halloween and had no issues (and created some interesting dance moves in them). The most difficult part of the evening was actually transporting the costume in cars as it is quite substantial in size. Walking upstairs also proved to be difficult – but so worth it. Look at how cute we looked?

halloween cupcake costumes

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